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  • 4 New Ornaments to add to your collection :            Christmas Camel,    Snow Leopard,         Nubian Donkey with Bell,  and Reindeer in the Snow. Each wood cutout is $5.00 and each packet of instruction is $5.00.  

Christmas Camel - wood cutout $5.00 and packet of instruction $5.00

IMG 4077

Snow Leopard - wood cutout $5.00 and Packet of instruction $5.00

IMG 4080

Nubian Donkey with Bell - Wood cutout $5.00 and Packet of instruction $5.00.

IMG 4073


Reindeer in the Snow - wood cutout $5.00 and packet of instructions $5.00

IMG 4071

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  • Email                                                        Please include phone number, name & address,and list of items on the email. When your emailed order is received, I will call for credit card information .                
  • Phone 512/398-3277 with your order to talk directly with Sherry or Deborah.
  • Mail to   The Magic Brush, Inc   P. O. Box 1123 Lockhart, TX 78644        
  • Download Wishbook PDF - complete listing of all packets available not shown on this website by Sherry C. Nelson  and order form -- copy and paste order form into a email to                                                   Or Print order Form and mail to                                             The Magic Brush, Inc.                                                                P.O. Box 1123, Lockhart, Texas 78644                                        or call 512/398-3277 with your order and talk to Sherry or Deborah directly.


Attend a seminar 

  •  Exciting year ahead … would be delighted to have you join us … you won’t want to miss the April and November seminars with Sherry C. Nelson, MDA from NEW Texas classroom - "the Green Barn” … send your deposit to reserve space.
  •  UPDATE ON SEMINAR DATES …See below . ..                          Contact : Sherry C. Nelson. 512.398.3277                                            Email

Please note that all designs and photos are copyrighted by Sherry C. Nelson  and may NOT be used for any purpose other than viewing and for ordering.

Seminar Schedule for 2021

  • Rescheduled -SDP Regional - Fredericksburg, Texas  Will be a ZOOM Class February 11-13, 2021… Sherry teaching 3 -1day classes as part of SDP Regional Conference.                               Day 1 - Golden Glow & Asiatic Lilies                                             Day 2 - Chickadee & Common Lilac                                               Day 3 - Creating Dimension in Transparent Glass.                                                                        Contact SDP to register and reserve your space :                                                                                     January 30, 2021 Zoom Background Prep class with Sherry,                    9:00-10:00 AM - no charge.                                                               Email Sherry to sign up


  • July 19 -24, 2021 The Very Pleasant Painters, Susan Pleasant, 104 Riley Drive, Summerville, SC. 29483                  (843) 209-4127.                                                               Projects for this class:   Zebras, 2 day class; Cheetah, 2 day class; and Swallowtail Occasional Table, 2 day class.      The zebras and cheetah will be Paint from Photography classes, challenging and fun as you learn tips and techniques for learning to paint your own originals while creating these stunning animals.                                         The occasional table is a 16" X 16” painting, should you wish to paint it for framing or Tables will be available for purchase through                          Contact Susan for more information.                                   Space is limited so call soon to sign up.                                              
IMG 0682wtmk
IMG 4754
IMG 4806


We'll see you there ... Join Sherry and Deb at Painter's Paradise for a fabulous week of new techniques and photos step-by viewed on your iPad/tablet/laptop or phone as well as live demos by Sherry on tvs.  


  • June 9-14, 2021 - The Green Barn Bluebonnet Workshop. Lockhart, Texas - fly-in Austin, Texas. Contact: Sherry C. Nelson 512/398-3277 ;  Email                      

              Come enjoy the pleasant perfect spring temperatures and the famed seasonal wildflower bloom of the Hill Country!  We'll paint for 3 days, break for 1/2 day of bluebonnets and antiques and BBQ - then paint for 2 more.                                                                                  Projects : An Array of Flycatchers  with paintings instruction from multiple step-bys on your iPad/tablet/laptop/iPhone and live demos on tvs at your table.       Look forward to having you here!                                                       Deposits:  $150.00.  Balance due after deposit:  $345.00.                      And don't forget - the week includes fabulous lunches under the oaks on our country acreage, created by Deb in her new kitchen!  Seminar even includes recipes...

  • We'll be painting 8 beautiful smaller panels to be framed or displayed on Gallery box supports in this exciting 8 day workshop.                              An Array of Flycatchers Seminar:  
IMG 4970
Image 29.  IMG 1415
IMG 2386

  • August 20-30, 2021-   The Birds of Paradise Seminar:    Notre Dame classrooms and lodging, Canandaigua, NY.           Aug 27 will be a break day.                                                       We'll be painting 1 & 1/2 panels in this extraordinary 10 day workshop.                                                                                          Contact Barbara Fragale for room reservations info at Notre Dame:  (585) 414-6866;  

Contact Sherry at for information or call 512.398.3277 to sign up and to confirm your place.                      Deposit:  $150.00.  Total seminar fees less deposit:  $780.00.           Fees include 10 days of class, continental breakfasts, full hot lunches and classroom rental.                                                                          Class is nearly full… only 2 spaces left.                                                        We’ll do the remaining panels in August seminar of 2021.                                                                                            Sherry’s screen is a vintage piece; Larry Rol will be making screens for the class should you wish to order.  Or start searching the antique stores now!                                                                                                Panel sizes:  15” x 35”.  Pieces may be divided for smaller panels for framing.

IMG 4008
IMG 4059
IMG 4054

IMG 3984

  • Sept.16-19, 2021 - Golden Triangle Decorative Painters. Pittsburgh, PA. For information email Cindie Martincic

  • October 6-11, 2021 The Green Barn Fall Workshop!  Fly-in Austin, Texas.  Retreat to the rolling hill country of Central Texas… and paint with Sherry!  Relax, challenge yourself to create while enjoying the country quiet and the sumptuous lunches by resident chef Deborah Galloway.                                                                                                        The Green Barn being just 40 minutes from the Austin airport and 5 miles from Lockhart -- boasting the best BBQ in Texas but also notable for it's historic courthouse and charming downtown square.                             Project for the Green Barn seminars will be the Butterfly and Moth Luncheon chargers shown below on similar pieces or you may choose to do them on wood plates or panels for framing.      Deposits:  $150.00.  Balance due after deposit:  $345.00.  
IMG 4950
IMG 4937
IMG 4940
IMG 4943
IMG 4931

IMG 4936

You won't want to miss joining us in Texas!                                                      Contact : Sherry C. Nelson. 512.398.3277                                                          Email                                                              Send your $150.00 deposit to reserve space.                                                  Address: The Magic Brush, Inc., P.O. Box 1123, Lockhart,Texas78644

Sherry C. Nelson is teaching 3 days for the Regional SDP Conference in January 2022. Please contact Miho at SDP offices.

Painting projects and Sherry C. Nelson Instructional Materials:

  • 4 NEW wood Christmas ornaments — Red Panda, Panda,  Black Bear Cub, Lamb           ( $5.00 for each cutout and $5.00 each for instruction packet)
Image 12.  IMG 3188 - Version 2WTMK
Image 11.  IMG 3186 - Version 2WTMK
Image 12.  IMG 3187 - Version 2WTMK

  •  All 17 Christmas ornaments wood cut-outs are $5.00 each:  Panda, Red Panda, Black Bear Cub, Lamb, Pony, Kitten, and Peacock as well as the WildLife Collection of 6 cut-out ornaments (Blue Jay, Rabbit, Squirrel, Cedar Waxwing, Chickadee, Owl), and Cardinal and Fox, Deer, Dove … $5.00 each

  • All 17 instruction packets ($5.00 each) now available …  $5.00 each.  This includes instruction packets for the Pony, Kitten, and Peacock        ( formerly only available in “Painting World” magazine) and  also includes instruction packets for the Fox, Deer, and Dove                       ( formerly only available in “The Decorative Painter”)

                                                                      For more information or to order:                 call 512.398.3277                                      email

IMG 6588 2

Pony, Kitten, and Peacock                                            (previously published in Painting World magazine October, November, December issues)                                                   ornament cut-outs $5.00;                                         Instruction Packet  - $5.00 each 

IMG 6585

The Wildlife Collection of 6 Ornaments                                                                           wood cut-outs $5.00 each and instruction Packet $5.00 each

IMG 6586

Cardinal ornament                                                                                                  wood cut-out $6.00 and instruction Packet $5.00

IMG 0766
IMG 0774
IMG 2321 - Version 2

Fox, Dove , Deer                                                                         Wood cut-outs $5.00 each.  Instructional packets $5.00 each

  •  19 painting packets not in pdf Wishbook-- check them out "More Packets”.

  •  A complete oil painting 6 lesson course taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA, on a single DVD."Learn to Paint in Oils with Sherry C. Nelson"Originally published in 2013/2014 Paintworks magazine, this series is now available on high quality DVD for your personal and private use, and for your permanent collection. A professional series of step-by photos in each 6 lessons, as well as thorough and complete written instructions to go along with them, inked line drawings - everything you will need to learn to paint in oils. $29.95 + $5.95 shipping.  Order now… call 512- 398-3277  or 520-558-2285 or email:  


If you are interested in sponsoring your own private group seminar in your location or in Sherry's Classroom with Sherry C. Nelson as the instructor, please contact Sherry for details.       PO Box 1123, Lockhart,TX 78644;  (512)398-3277 ;                Email    

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