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Painting Seminars with Sherry - for 2023!  

Scroll down to see all the exciting pieces Sherry will be teaching this coming year.

 Exciting year ahead … would be delighted to have you join us … you won’t want to miss the April and October seminars with Sherry C. Nelson, MDA from Texas classroom - "the Green Barn” … send your deposit to reserve space.

                Contact : Sherry C. Nelson. 512.398.3277                                            Email

Please note that all designs and photos are copyrighted by Sherry C. Nelson  and may NOT be used for any purpose other than viewing and for ordering.

Seminar Schedule for 2023

  • February 24 & 25, 2023- Marvelous Spatuletailed Hummingbird on Zoom

9 am to 12 pm, Central Time, 10:00 am Eastern, both days.

Fee:  $70.00, includes both days, as well as packet.

Students must furnish own paint and prepped surface.

Taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA on behalf of 

The Citrus Ridge Decorative Artists, Lakeland, Fl

Call Andie Scott, Seminar chair, to sign up and receive your class materials.

Mobile:  (863) 944-2711;  Email:

14” x 11” hardboard panel or canvas.

Marvelous Spatuletailed hummingbird, 14” x 11”


  • March 11 & 12, 2023 - Roseate Spoonbills Zoom Class - hosted and taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA

March 11, 12, 2023.  9am to 12pm both days, Central Time.

Cost:  $70.00 if you already have packet.  $90.00 if I need to send you the packet, which is $18.00 plus 2.00 postage.  This packet has been in our catalogue for several years so you may already have it, but since it’s a very complex piece, worthy of a class.  :)

For more information, contact Sherry at 512.398.3277 or email

We’ll do one or two birds the first day; the remaining birds and a bit of the mangrove foliage the second.  At end of first half of class, you can email me a photo for a critique if you wish.    

Image 1

  • April 18 -25, 2023.   Come paint with Sherry in Texas!   

      The Green Barn Spring seminar… 

April 18-25, 2023, hosted and taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA Painting from Photography

One of the several subjects already chosen is a  2 1/2 to 3 day piece featuring a Texas Longhorn Steer.  More detail on remaining, smaller projects that will perhaps include a spectacular Caracal, an African wild cat and well as an unbelievably iridescent Nicobar Pigeon. 

Fly in:  April 18.  Depart:  April 25.  Paint for 5 1/2 days with a break to go visit a nearby Longhorn Ranch. 

 Deposit:  $150.00 due now to hold your space.  

Balance due after deposit:  $445.00, due by March 1.

For more information, contact Sherry at 512.398.3277 or email

Photo samples:

Image 2

Longhorn Steer - just one of several great shots we’ll choose from.



Image 3


You won't want to miss joining us in Texas!                                                      Contact : Sherry C. Nelson. 512.398.3277                                                          Email                                                              Send your $150.00 deposit to reserve space.                                                  Address: The Magic Brush, Inc., P.O. Box 1123, Lockhart,Texas78644

  • June 10 & 11, 2023 Great Blue Heron Zoom Class - hosted and taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA

Class dates:  June 10th &11th, 2023.                                          Prep date:  Thursday, May 18, 7:00 pm Central time.

This Great Blue is from an old packet that you may have tucked away so be sure to check if you have it before buying another one.

Class fee:  $65.00;     Packet:  $8.00 + $2.00 postage ($75.00 total).

Class time:  9am to 12pm (Central Time) each of the two days - June 10th & 11th. 

Please send a check for the class fee (and packet fees) if you don’t have packet already.  Send to The Magic Brush, Inc. PO Box 1123, Lockhart, TX 78644.  (512) 398-3277.            


Great Blue Heron:  Oval is 16” x 20; Cabinet door front is 18” x 24”.                              Pattern may be reduced some for a smaller surface if desired.

Since first announcing this class, several people have had questions about the prep, so I have decided to schedule a couple of hours for prep demo, beginning at 7:00 pm Central Time, on Thursday, May 18.  Complete instructions for prep are included in the packet, but if you would like more help or just to watch me prep my surface….                                           

Join us if you would like… Deb will be sending out a link on May 17th for the prep evening to everyone signed up to join us for the June class.  I will be doing the prep on my surface from start to finish, so you may find some or all stages of that to be helpful.  I don’t expect this to take longer than 2 hours at the most.

With prep info, you can be totally ready for the class on June 10 - with background prepared and design applied so we can have an on-time start that day.

Note:  there are 4 colors on the Great Blue Heron list that some of you may not have.  They are: Shiva Ice Blue, Winsor’s Mars Brown and Davy’s Grey, as well as Rembrandt Warm Grey.                                                                                                                           If it would be helpful for you I can I show you how to mix a reasonable substitute for those after the prep demo is complete.

 Please join us for both prep and the class itself.  

Cheers, and see you then!


  • August 20 - 26 , 2023- Notre Dame Retreat Center, Canadaiqua, New York.     Fly-in Rochester, NY                                                                     

August 19:  Arrive/check in at Notre Dame.                                                                  August 20 - 26 - Painting days!  In the middle, the 23rd, we have an optional break day or 1/2 day if we wish.                                                                                                               August 27:  Check out and head for home.

   Seminar fees:

Due now:  $150.00 deposit.  March 15:  $200.00.  May 15:  $200.00.  July 15:  $100.00.  

Food/Classroom fees:  $120.00 ($20.00 x 6 days)                                                        Please note:  2 fewer class days this year and thus lower total fees.

Zoom? Yes, we’ll be happy to present these on Zoom as well for those who can’t come in person.  Total fees less Notre Dame food costs is $650.00.                                                         

Notre Dame has requested a price increase, of course, since it was budget issues that caused the concern about keeping the facility open in the first place.  But even that’s good news too…. it’s still very affordable.  The daily fee for lunch and use of Classroom facilities will be $20.00, instead of $18.00 per person per day.

 Room costs, which will still include Continental breakfast, linens and towels, will now be a minimum $40.00 per night per person.  Very reasonable we feel, given inflationary increases in costs for everything from utilities to food nationwide.  Nancy reassured us that they are still trying to provide our group the best possible rates because of our long-time support of Notre Dame.


Rainforest Florals and Frogs

We have 6 painting days, so I will pick the most gorgeous of the 8 trays (see below) to teach for the folks who have not painted them. These could be dramatic and gorgeous on wood plates or octagonal hardboard placemats just for a couple of ideas.  And the instructions for the other two designs that we will not be painting in class will be made available to you for purchase.


unknown 1
Long leaves are Pteris alboleneata, a fern!!

unknown 2

unknown 3

unknown 4

unknown 5

Painting from Photography - Violin Concerto

What about those of you who have painted ‘Frogs' already?  We have done lots of birds in the last several years, so I wanted to create an exciting new 6-day class piece especially for you.  Plus, as your skills have increased over the years, I want to present the new material in a bit different, more exciting way:  I’d like you to paint "The Concerto” along with me from the detailed full size line drawing, complete demos plus photographs rather than from a pre-painted piece.  Some of you have already painted realistically and beautifully from excellent photography when you did the African Animal pieces in other seminars.  Plus the greatest benefit is learning to choose colors and mixes, ‘painting what you see’ and thus increasing your skill as an artist.

I envision dividing the teaching day like this:  several hours of teaching for each group - alternating with down time for that group to catch up on their painting (or take a rest break!).  I believe given how exhausting it has proven to be for everyone to paint non-stop day after day, that you will likely find this to be less exhausting and more productive, since each group will have time to ‘catch their breath’ before being forced to tackle yet another round of new challenges. And each group will naturally be smaller than the full class size, offering me more quality time with each student.  However, if you choose you may paint both Projects - Rainforest Florals & Frogs and Violin Concerto - working with each group, which will of course limit your “down time”.

Most importantly, the still life project will offer lots of new skills for you, my most advanced students, in how to design and create your own still life.  I am thinking it will work out well with a 16” x 20” vertical panel.

unknown 6

So - for now all you need to do is send your deposit and let us know you are coming.  Barb needs to get our Notre Dame reservations in order.                                            Contact Barbara Fragale, phone, ‭(585) 414-6866,    ‬

As soon as you have paid in full for the week of classes, you will receive your background prep instructions and line drawings so that you can begin preparing your surfaces for those paintings you have chosen to do.

So, check your calendar.  And be sure to send a check to hold your space in class to Sherry C. Nelson, P.O. Box 1123, Lockhart, Texas 78644 --  See due dates for payments above.  

Big hugs and see you there!  


  •  Sept. 30 - October 1, 2023Vintage Vase with Calla Lilies Zoom Class

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Central Time, each day.

You are invited by the Charleston, SC painters to sign up for the Zoom class they are hosting, to be taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA

For more information as to cost and how to sign up, please contact 

Brenda Sawyer.  Phone:  843-693-2429                     Email:

IMG 5155

*April 16-23, 2024                  Paint from Photography                                    with Sherry C. Nelson, MDA

Seminar location - Green Barn classroom, 45 minutes from fly-in airport, Austin Bergstrom Airport-Austin , Texas.                                                       Fly-in/ arrival day:  April 16, 2024 .                                                               Plan to arrive in mid-afternoon if flights allow.                                           Fly out/ Departures:  April 24, 2024.                                                                                                    Plan to depart no earlier than mid-morning if possible.                     If those flying in can arrive within an hour or two of each other, we’ll do a single airport pickup.      

Seminar fee -$150 deposit to hold your space in class. 

$445 for 6 day seminar;            

A portion of that amount ($200.00) will be due Nov. 1, 2023.  Next payment ($145.00) due Jan. 1, 2024 with the final $100.00 due March 1, 2024. 

Please note:  the class fee includes 5 days of excellent lunches served by Deborah and the instructional designs and additional materials that go with each piece.  Additional fees payable at end of seminar include the personally prepared painting surfaces and a daily palette fee of $4.00.

 In addition to having photo reference transferred to your personal device ( iPad, tablet or iPhone or laptop ), Sherry will of course be teaching on camera and each classroom table has its own TV for close-up, accurate views of progress.

                                                                                                  Lodging:  The Lockhart Inn, in Lockhart, 5 miles on a country road from the classroom, so takes just 10 minutes to get there. Very reasonable with special seminar rates for both single and double occupancy.  Singles-one bed, doubles with two beds, both with microwave and refrigerator.  We are holding rooms for the seminar as we speak, so all you need to do is confirm with me that you are coming and your room will be reserved for you.  You will each check in with your own credit card; the hotel will split the room cost between those sharing the cost of a double.

Make deposit checks to The Magic Brush, Inc. and mail to the following address:

PO Box 1123, Lockhart, TX 78644.  512.398.3277.                  Further emailed inquiries:


The classes for April will include some or all of these ‘Paint from Photography’ originals:  A dramatic Formosan Magpie will give us a special new bird, and the balance of the time will be spent on at least two others:  striking African animal such as the Giraffe, and a North American Lynx.  If time allows, a gorgeous Oryx might be included as well.  Scroll down to see just a few of the possible photo references attached.

IMG 2254



IMG 2943

IMG 2946

We are hoping to see you at this, our Spring-in-the-Hill-country - Green Barn seminar!  We are excited about sharing the charm of central Texas with you.  Send your deposit now to hold your space. 

Ya’ll come!



Painting projects and Sherry C. Nelson Instructional Materials:

  • 21 Christmas ornaments Now in Full Collection

4 - Ornaments to add to your collection :            Christmas Camel,    Snow Leopard,         Nubian Donkey with Bell,  and Reindeer in the Snow. Each wood cutout is $5.00 and each packet of instruction is $5.00.  

  • Christmas Camel - wood cutout $5.00 and packet of instruction $5.00
IMG 4077

Snow Leopard - wood cutout $5.00 and Packet of instruction $5.00

IMG 4080

Nubian Donkey with bell - wood cutout $5.00 and Packet of instruction $5.00

IMG 4073

Reindeer in the Snow - wood cutout $5.00 and packet of instructions $5.00

  • 4 more wood Christmas ornaments — Red Panda, Panda,  Black Bear Cub, Lamb           ( $5.00 for each cutout and $5.00 each for instruction packet)
Image 12.  IMG 3188 - Version 2WTMK
Image 11.  IMG 3186 - Version 2WTMK
Image 12.  IMG 3187 - Version 2WTMK


Pony, Kitten, and Peacock                                            (previously published in Painting World magazine October, November, December issues)                                                   ornament cut-outs $5.00;                                         Instruction Packet  - $5.00 each 

IMG 6588 2

The WildLife Collection of 6 cut-out ornaments (Blue Jay, Rabbit, Squirrel, Cedar Waxwing, Chickadee, Owl) … each $5.00 for woodcut and $5.00 for instructional Packet

IMG 6585

IMG 6586

Cardinal ornament                                                                                                  wood cut-out $6.00 and instruction Packet $5.00

Fox, Dove , Deer                                                                         Wood cut-outs $5.00 each.  Instructional packets $5.00 each

(Formerly available only in “The Decorative Painter” )

IMG 0774
IMG 0766
IMG 2321 - Version 2

For more information or to order:                 call 512.398.3277                                      email

 19 painting packets not in pdf Wishbook-- check them out "More Packets”.

  •  A complete oil painting 6 lesson course taught by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA, on a single DVD."Learn to Paint in Oils with Sherry C. Nelson"Originally published in 2013/2014 Paintworks magazine, this series is now available on high quality DVD for your personal and private use, and for your permanent collection. A professional series of step-by photos in each 6 lessons, as well as thorough and complete written instructions to go along with them, inked line drawings - everything you will need to learn to paint in oils. $29.95 + $5.95 shipping.  Order now… call 512- 398-3277  or 520-558-2285 or email:  


If you are interested in sponsoring your own private group seminar in your location or in Sherry's Classroom with Sherry C. Nelson as the instructor, please contact Sherry for details.       PO Box 1123, Lockhart,TX 78644;  (512)398-3277 ;                Email      


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